Do you trust your employees?

By | November 16, 2016

It’s a simple question: do you trust your employees?

For the most part, we can trust the people we employ. They understand us, and we understand them. But sometimes, there is that grey area – we think we can trust them, but we are worried that they are not telling us the whole truth.

It could be something simple, like an employee who calls in sick just a little bit too often – or perhaps they are using the company phone more than you feel is necessary. It could be that they are spending more time “visiting customers” than their performance would suggest. But there could be something more sinister going on, such as dealing with a competitor – or even plain old-fashioned theft.

If you provide an employee with a phone, it’s not even being ‘sneaky’ if you check how they are using it. Heck, most employers will at least look at the phone bill to see whom the employee has been calling. It’s only a small step from that to installing an inexpensive undetectable piece of software onto the phone, that will tell you what the employee is actually doing.

And with most employees you don’t even have to take too active an interest in their activities – most of the time, you will not need to watch what they are doing; it’s only when you start to feel that the employee may not be telling you the whole truth that you might want to look in more detail.

  • You get a phone call saying that the employee is not well and is staying home for the day.
  • The employee tells you that they are out of state for a few days visiting a customer.
  • They tell you that they are going to be away at a seminar away from the office for a week.

For the most part, you might not think those are unlikely, or even particularly unusual. But what if the employee does not usually visit customers, or it feels like they are going on too many seminars?

Simple! Remotely activate the software you already installed on their company-provided phone, and find out where they are.

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