How to spy on Samsung Galaxy S6

By | November 16, 2016

My boy’s 12 and has been begging/whining/squabbling for a Samsung Galaxy S6 since his last birthday (slightly disappointed for not getting the S6), and because he commutes home from school on bus, I decided to not put him off any longer. Still I want to stay on top of things and make sure he’s not going into something too risky. What I am thinking is the type of monitoring program that reports the phones activity – text messages, call logs, browsing history, GPS locations… of course I am going to let him know that the phone’s wired, and I am not going to access the information unless it’s absolutely necessary. I have the feeling that kids nowadays have their technological savvy far outpace their sense to use the phone wisely, and I mind to deal with the gap.

From a safety stand point, parents want to stay in touch with the kids. Ideally kids will accept the good ol Nokia 1100 peacefully and settle for the essential functionality of audio and text. Realistically, cutting edge smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 are in greater demand.  Handing kids a Galaxy S6 means giving them a powerful communication and production tool. They are enabled to download just about anything in the world. They can take photos and videos of themselves and upload to the web and exposed to anybody with a genuine or malicious interest…

How to spy on Samsung Galaxy S6

The idea is to install the spy app into the targeted phone, when activated and running, the app inconspicuously keeps tabs on the activity of the phone, the text messages sent and received with the phone, phone calls, browser history, history of apps like Snapchat, Skype… The information will be displayed in the Control Panel.

The spy app is capable of many things:

Track text messages

The spy app picks up all the sent/received text messages by the target device, information regarding the content of the text messages, the sender or the receiver, the date and the time of the message, whether the message is incoming or outgoing.

Manage phone calls

The spy app is capable of monitoring all incoming and outgoing phone calls by providing information such as the time the call is initiated, call duration, numbers and contacts. The app can also set up a call restriction list that automatically reject incoming phone calls from numbers that is on the list.

Read emails

All incoming and outgoing emails will be categorized with tags like names, data and time stamp and contact information.

GPS locations

Real time GPS location information will be available on the control panel of the spy app, you can pinpoint the target phone’s exact location at any time.

Another neat trick of the spy is to set up the Geo-fencing, parents measures the area on map grid as the safe zone, whenever the target device were carried out of the safe zone, parents will be alerted.

Should the GPS service were turned off on the target device, the spy app will resort to find out the Wi-Fi network the device is currently connected to, then determine the current location of the target device.

Internet usage

The web browser history of the target device can be viewed within the control panel of the spy app, the data can be analyzed as to determine if there’s any blacklist website contained. Certain unsafe websites like PornHub can be added to the blocking list, any attempt to access the blacklisted sites will be automatically redirected.

Read instant messages

Several popular IM client app are supported by the spy app, including: Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, line… calls or text messages will be monitored.

About Snapchat

The app is actually a cheerful, whimsical invention but unfortunately recognized only by its famous thatfeature.

To monitor Snapchat is possible with the spy app, to do this, three requirements need to be met.

Should I monitor the kid’s galaxy s6

Kids nowadays are tech savvy, have their own ideas if they’re responsible enough for gadgets. If you’re a mom or dad who gifted your kid an iPhone or galaxy s6, you should know that you’re also handing them a powerful production and communication tool. They can use the gadget to take pictures and share on the web, to broadcast their status and locations, to download just about anything in the world. If you legitimate concern that unsavory person targeted your kid, nothing is off-limits to eliminate the threat.

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