Spyzie Features

Spyzie is a software that enables you to observe the usage of a smartphone or computer in real time. This matchless system logs the activities of anybody who uses your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian OS Smartphone or Windows cell phone. It is enough if you install a program onto the target phone directly.

Necessity Of The Mobile Phone Spy

If you feel your employees or your kids are misusing the privileges of calling and texting, and you are worried that they are using the phone for prohibited or unsuitable activities, the mobile phone spy will make you free from all these concerns. The software will expose the truth for any family or company. You will lastly find out the truth regarding their mobile web, call, videos, text message activities, pictures and GPS locations by entering into your Spyzie account from any browser.

Spyzie Features

The LIVE Dashboard enables you to view the Live Screenshot of the phone you would like to monitor. This feature is performed by remote control commands, and you can get the information right away.

This highly-developed spy software will enable you to observe exactly what people carry out on your phone when you are away from your phone. Through this mobile phone spy software you can observe:

    • Whether your kids are texting during driving or using the phone all through the night.
    • Whether your workers are sending the secrets of your company.
    • Whether your kids or employees are erasing their phone logs.
    • Whatever activity that is carried out on your monitoring phone, you will get the entire details because the mobile spy software does not count on the internal logging system of the phone.

This influential software offers you the capability to observe the online activities in real time. Your login details are securely stored in your safe Mobile Spy account that can be accessed from any web browser by making use of your username and password.

You can login the account at any time from any place to screen results without any necessity to the appliance. All activities comprise a date or time stamp and can be searched by a phone number. All logs can be exported effortlessly to comma-separated values for bringing in, to your database.

The Mobile phone Spy software overlooks the rest analogous software by offering the only LIVE dashboard of the world. Different from anything ever seen in the mobile phone software business, this modernism enables you to safely carry out LIVE observation and control on your Smartphone from any place. If you decide to buy the premium application, you can view the monitor of the device similar to a television together with a map of the existing location immediately.