How to spy on an iPhone

The iPhone spy app is a software/service combination that is capable of FBI level surveillance, once installed and activated on the target iPhone, the spy app conspicuously gathers and categorize the information regarding the phone’s activity, including text messages sent and received with the iPhone, call logs, the GPS location of the iPhone, contacts, videos and photos in the media library, emails, calendars and histories of popular chat apps like Skype and WhatsApp… The information will be uploaded to an encrypted server, categorize and detailed, and can only be accessed after password authentication.

What is the Spyzie – iPhone spy app capable of?

Track text messages

All incoming and outgoing text messages are tracked and neatly organized with detailed information regarding the content of the texts, data and time stamps and the numbers and names(if the numbers are listed in the phone address book).

Call logs

Information regarding all incoming and outgoing phone calls will be logged, including callers and recipient information, date and time stamp, call duration, you can also schedule recordings for phone calls. The spy is capable of setting up a restriction list, calls initiated to or from numbers on the list will be automatically rejected.

GPS locations

The spy app is able to report GPS location of the target iPhone in real time, if the GPS function is not activated at the moment, the app resorts to determine the device’s location by the Wi-Fi network it is currently connected to.

The geo-fencing feature of the spy app allows parents to draw a safe zone on map, if the target device is carried out of the safe zone, an alert will be sent.

Read emails

Emails sent and received with the default mail app of the iPhone will be forwarded to the control panel, along with meta information (time and date, recipient or sender, incoming or outgoing…) regarding the email.

Browser history

Following interment activity will be tracked with the spy app:

Browsing history – web address logs, date and time the website is visited, analyze browsing data.
Bookmarked sites – web address and the time stamp of the site visited.
Filter unsavory online content by blocking websites.


Multimedia files including pictures taken with the camera or downloaded from the web can be uploaded and forwarded to the control panel, though uploading these files will consume considerable amount of data when the device is connected to cellular network. This feature is turned off by default.

Read instant messages

The Spyzie app supports to monitor several popular instant messages/video chat apps, including Snapchat, Skype, Viber

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use Spyzie?

No necessarily. The spy app can work on non-jailbroken iPhone with fewer monitoring features. Core functionality like monitoring call logs, text messages, browser history and contacts are functional with Spyzie without jailbreak.

Features of the spy app that are functional on a non-jailbroken device.

Is it difficult or technical to install and use the spy app on iPhone?

If you choose Spyzie without jailbreak with fewer monitoring features, it can be installed and functional with remote installation using iCloud credentials of the target device. For the full version on jailbroken iPhone, 5-15 minutes of authorized physical access to the target iPhone will be sufficient to complete the installation.

Supported iPhone model

IPhones with iOS 6 – 8.12 are supported.

After much begging, lobbying, squabbling and whining from my daughter, also because she took public transportation home from school, from a safety standpoint, I finally yield and gave her an iPhone at her age of 12. The deed is done but I am having doubt. I reckon her tech savvy far outpace her ability to use the iPhone wisely, and I mind to do something about the gap.

The solution:

Nowadays when you hand kids phones, especially state of the art smartphone like an iPhone, you’re also giving them powerful communication and production tools, they can create text messages, photos and videos of themselves that can be uploaded to the web and distributed widely. They can just download about anything in the world. They can broadcast or expose their status and vulnerabilities to anyone who hold a genuine or malicious interest.

Parents should realize that perfect safety and privacy don’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes, things have to be done.