How to monitor text messages on an iPhone

The spy app is able to keep tab on the iPhone’s text messages, phone calls, emails, GPS locations and forward the information to a server where only the authorized person can visit after password authentication.

Manage phone calls

Phone calls placed and received with the target device can be scheduled for recording. Information regarding the phone call’s duration, time and date, numbers and contacts will be noted by the spy app and presented in the control panel.

Track text messages

Following information regarding the text messages will be reported

  1. Content of the text messages sent and received with the target device.
  2. Time and date stamp of the text message.
  3. Sender or receiver’s number or name(if the number’s in the phone address book.
  4. Spy on text messages without jailbreak the iPhone.

Instant message apps

Following apps are supported by Spyzie:

  • Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat and line.
  • Content of the text messages will be presented in the control panel.
  • GPS locations

The GPS location will be reported in real time on a detailed map. The spy can also generate route history over a period of time of the wired device on the map. If the GPS feature were actively turned off, the spy will resort to find the Wi-Fi network the device connected to and determine the whereabouts of the device.

The Geo-Fencing feature allows the parents to draw a safe zone on the map, a notification will be sent to the parents once the kids cross the line.

Read emails

Emails sent and received with the target device will be forwarded and presented in the control panel.

Monitor internet use

Detailed browsing history log will be presented in the control panel. The spy can also set up a black list to block unsavory websites.


View installed applications and manage which apps the user can have access to.


Photos and videos can be scheduled for upload, but will consume considerable amount of data when connected to cellular network.

Frequently asked questions

Should the kid’s iPhone be monitored?

Kids are tech savvy, have their own idea of when they’re responsible enough for gadget, and they can be awfully persuasive. But there’s always a gap between the kids’ tech savvy and their ability to use their iPhones wisely. When parents giving out iPhone for gifts, they’re also handing a handheld computer, a powerful communication and production tools that can broadcast their statues and locations, taking pictures and upload to the web and spread widely, download just about anything in the world.

Questions: I recently caught a glimpse of my son’s iPhone and I am deeply disturbed. I confronted him and make sure he understand that as long as he’s living in the house, he will not have perfect privacy. From now on I wish to stay on top of things and stop him from going into something too risky when necessary. So my question is, is there any software for parents to remotely monitor the kid’s iPhone?


The solution proposed in this article is sophisticated, effective yet alarmingly easy to execute. Possibly, it will give you overwhelmingly comprehensive, detailed knowledge regarding every aspect of the use of the target iPhone, so think it through before you proceed.