How to spy on HTC one

If you’re a mom or dad who gifted a state-of-the-art smartphone to your school-age child, you should proactively look out for the kids’ wellbeing by keeping an eye on the phone’s use, a powerful communication and production tool like the HTC one could become both a challenge and opportunity for parenting. If you suspect that your kid’s going into something too risky, this is one way to find out.

The Spyzie digital spy service offers FBI level surveillance tech, by planting the spy app into the target device, all the information regarding the phone’s use, text messages, phone calls, emails, chat apps, internet browsing history and GPS location will be forwarded to the control panel where the authorized account can visit.

Manage phone calls

Phone calls received or placed with the target HTC one can be scheduled for recording. Date and time stamp of the phone call, call logs, numbers or contact information (if available in the phone address book) of the incoming and outgoing phone call are also noted and listed in the control panel.

Track text messages

Text messages sent and received are immediately forwarded to the control panel, even if the messages were promptly deleted from the target device.

Following information regarding about the messages are also noted:

  1. Content of the text.
  2. Date and time the SMS sent or received.
  3. Numbers or names (if available) of the sender or recipient.

Report GPS location

The GPS location of the target device can be tracked in real time in the control panel, the Spyzie service can also generate the route history of the target device in a period of time.

If the GPS function were actively turned off on the target device, the spy app will look for the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to, and determine the whereabouts of the device. This method won’t be able to tell the location in real time but could be relatively accurate and reliable.

Read emails

Emails sent and received with the default mail app on the HTC one can be forwarded to the control panel.

Instant message apps

Popular chat apps like Skype for android, Viber, Snapchat,

The spy app lets you stay on top of things, feeding you information regarding every aspect of the phone’s usage, including

Should the kid’s phone be monitored?

In parents’ ideal, kids will peacefully accept the old, reliable feature phone Nokia without complaining, they understand without telling that a phone is for staying in touch with parents, a task the vintage, retro Nokia 1100 will do admirably. But in reality, cutting edge gadgets like the dark gun metal HTC one are in crushingly high demand.

Kids nowadays are tech savvy and can be awfully persuasive, if you’re one of the parents who gifted their kid an iPhone or an android flagship, you should realize that you’re also handing out a powerful communication and production tool, which can be used by kids to take pictures and upload to the web and spread widely, to download just about anything in the world, expose the kids to whoever lurking on the internet. If you suspect that the kid’s tech savvy has far outpaced his ability to use the phone wisely, you should step forward and make sure the kid’s not going into something too risky.