How to spy on iPhone 5

You’re not depriving your kid if you decide against giving him an iPhone. But if for various reasons you did gift your child an iPhone, make sure you and your kids are on the same page about when and how the iPhone can be used. Kids are tech savvy, a powerful communication and production tool like the iPhone 5 can be easily as harmful as it’s educational. While you having doubts, this is one possible solution to let you stay informed.

Spyzie monitoring software works by tracking all activity in the background of the monitored iPhone including GPS location, SMS, call logs, images, videos, skype, whatsapp and much more.

The Spyzie software solution is comprised of three part, the agent – a piece of code that does the field work, the server – data logs collected by the agent are compressed, encrypted and sent to the server, the Control Panel – a web portal where the data are neatly organized and displayed for the user to retrieve, search, flag and analyze.


Spyzie Features

One important parameter about spying on iPhone is if the phone’s jailbroken. With a jailbroken iPhone 5, Spyzie’s functionality will be greatly enhanced, however, Spyzie works on non-jialbroken device nonetheless. The following features will be functional without jailbreak.

Manage phone calls

Calls received and placed with the target iPhone 5 can be scheduled for recording, data logs including numbers of the caller or the recipient, contact names, call logs are compressed and uploaded to the server.

Track text messages

See target iPhone 5’s inbox and sent messages, content, date and time, sender and recipient of the messages are also displayed in the control panel.

Monitoring Skype

Skype chat history can be accessed in the control panel in a threaded view.

Notes and events

Following features will be unlocked if the iPhone 5’s jailbroken:

Spy on third party instant message apps

Popular chat apps including Skype, Snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp can be monitored with the Spyzie. Chat history and recipient are displayed in the control panel.

Report GPS location

The current whereabouts, as well as the footprints history of the iPhone 5, could be determined by the spy by its GPS monitoring functionality. The current locations and route history of the target are illustrated as dots and lines on a detailed map. The geo-fencing feature allows the user to draw a safe zone on the map, once an entrance or exit occurred, the user will be notified. Each zone on the map are painted with different colors indicating the frequency of the entrance or exit. If the GPS function/location service were turned off on the iPhone, the spy app will determine the location by identify the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to. The result will be sufficiently reliable.

Read emails

Emails sent and received with the default mail app and Gmail are forwarded to the server and displayed in the control panel.


Is it geeky to hack the iPhone 5 with Spyzie?

You can install the trimmed, relatively easy-to-use Spyzie without jailbreak the iPhone, it can be installed remotely using iCloud credentials. To install the full version, you need jailbreak the iPhone,  you will need about 5 to 15 minutes of unrestrained physical access to the target device, if you’re use to read manuals and work things methodically, you won’t have any trouble to complete the installation.