How to spy on iPhone 6

If you’re one of the mom or dad who’re planning to gift your kid an iPhone 6, there might be occasions when you need to go the extra mile to make sure the kid’s not going into something too risky.

The iPhone 6 Spy App

The iPhone spy app collects data on the wired iPhone when it’s installed and activated, and displays data in the control panel which you can access using a web browser after account authentication, you will be able to collect information including all the incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, emails, contacts on an non jailbroken device.

Spyzie Without Jailbreak

If you’re not willing to jailbreak the iPhone, the core features of Spyzie like phone calls and text messages monitoring can also be achieved on non-jailbroken devices. Though the spy app’s prowess will be greatly enhanced on a jailbreak device, if it’s installed on a non-jailbroken device, the following features will be functional.

Phone Calls

the iPhone spy app is able to access and forward the call logs and contacts to the control panel.

Track Text Messages

the spy app will be able to collect the content of the text messages sent and received on the target iPhone 6, even if the messages were deleted shortly after reading. Information about the text messages like the date and time the SMS were initiated or received, the number or name of the recipient or sender, are also noted.

Browsing History, Events and Notes.

Spyzie App On A Jailbreak Device

The spy app’s power will be considerably enhanced on a jailbroken iPhone, following features can be achieved currently and a few more will be supported in the near future.

Track GPS locations

The GPS location of the wired iPhone 6 will be displayed on a detailed map in the control panel in real time. The route history over a specific period of time can be generated. If the GPS function were turned off on the target device, the spy app will refer to the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to and determine the whereabouts. The alternative method is sufficiently accurate.

The Geo-Fencing feature allows the user to draw a virtual safe zone on the map, if the device were carried out of the border, a notification will be sent to authorize person.

Interment Usage

Browsing history and bookmarked websites are displayed in the control panel. The spy can also set up a blacklist to block adult or harmful sites.

Instant Message Apps

The chat history of several popular instant message/video chat apps can be collected by the spy. supported apps include Skype, Vine, Snapchat, Viber… more apps will be added in the support list in the near future.

Multimedia Files

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Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult or technical to install the spy app?

Spyzie can be installed remotely if you opt for the Spyzie for non-jailbroken iPhone with trimmed functionalities (calls, text messages…) using iCloud credentials.

Can the iPhone spy app be detected?


Do I need to jailbreak the iPhone to use the software?

No necessarily, if the Spyzie without jailbreak sufficiently suit your needs, you don’t have to jailbreak the device, still, a jailbreak will unleash all the prowess of the Spyzie app.

Should the kid’s iPhone 6 be monitored?

In parents’ ideal, kids will rejoice the chance of owning a good ol’ Nokia 1110 feature phone, be satisfied with the basic functionalities of audio and text for staying in touch with mom and dad. But in reality, sleek, trendy gadgets like the iPhone 6 are in dominating demand. Kids nowadays are tech-savvy, have their own idea about when they’re responsible enough for gadgets and can be awfully persuasive. If you’re a mom or dad who gifted an iPhone to your kid, no matter how independent, responsible you think your kid is, there’s generally a gap between the kid’s technological savvy and the ability to use the iPhone wisely. When handing your kids an iPhone 6, you’re also handing them powerful communication and production tools that can take pictures and videos of themselves and upload to the web.