How to spy on Samsung Galaxy S5

It should be noted that the spy app offers FBI level of surveillance technology, the comprehensiveness of the information sometimes could be overwhelming. Think it through before you put things in motion.

The frame of the spy app consists of both local software and online service, after the app is planted and activated within the target device, the spy tracks text messages sent and received, phone calls, GPS location, internet usage, chat apps like Skype or Snapchat, social network, photos and videos taken with the camera. All the data will be encrypted and uploaded to a server where only authorized person can visit after authentication.


Detailed features – what is the Galaxy S5 spy capable of?

Monitoring phone calls

Phone calls placed and received with the target devices can be scheduled for recording, information regarding the incoming and outgoing phone calls, including data and time stamps, numbers, durations will be observed and uploaded.

Track text messages

Text messages sent and received by the target device, information including the content of the text messages, data and time, numbers initiated or received, contacts are observed and noted.

Monitoring interment usages

Information regarding browser history, bookmarked sites are displayed in the Control Panel.

Report GPS location

The real time GPS location are presented in the control panel of the spy app, if the GPS service were turned off on the target Galaxy S5, the spy will resort to check the Wi-Fi network the phone is actively connected to, then determine the location of the device according to that information. Parents can also utilize the geo-fencing feature of the spy app, by setting up a virtual fence on the map, whenever the target device step out of the safe zone, the parents will be alerted.

Managing third party chat apps

The spy app supports to monitor a few popular chat apps, including Skype, Snapchat, viber…  The contents of the message are displayed in the control panel, audio or video calls can be scheduled for recording.

Read emails

Emails sent and received with the target Galaxy S5 will be displayed in the Control Panel.

View photos and videos

Photos and videos indexed in the album can be uploaded to the spy server, but this feature may consume considerable amount data usage, by default, uploading media are turned off.

Should the kid’s Galaxy S5 be monitored?

Mothers want a son who will accept the tough, reliable Nokia 1110 peacefully, gratefully, settles for the meager functionality of audios and texts just to stay in touch with mom and dad. But reality is, trendy gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S5 are in dominating demand. When every other kids in the class has an iPhone or a galaxy, it’s hard to put off the kid any longer. If you finally decide to hand out the Galaxy S5, you should be proactively looking out for their kids’ interest, because you’re also handing him/her a powerful communication and production tool that can download just about anything in the world, take photos of themselves that can be uploaded to the web and spread widely. No matter how responsible, independent you kids are, chances are their technological savvy still triumphs their ability to use the phone wisely. If you want stay on top of things and step in when things become too risky, this is the way to deal with the gap.

Does the Galaxy S5 need to be rooted to use the spy app?

Rooting is not mandatory to use the spy app, functions such as monitoring phone calls, text messages doesn’t need root user right. However, after rooting, the spy app’s capability will be further enhanced, it will be able to report on the GPS location of the target Galaxy S5 in real time, monitor popular chat apps like skype and snapchat, you can also view multimedia files, photos and videos in the control panel.