Spy On Skype Chat

Skype is one of most popular communication tool on desktop and mobile platform. If you need to have comprehensive knowledge about the goings-on at your kid or employee’s phone or computer, Skype is one of the places that can’t be ignored. To monitor Skype chat, this is one possible solution.

Spyzie is a monitoring and safety application that tracks all activities in the background of the monitored phone including Skype chats, SMS, call logs, GPS locations, WhatsApp and much more. Spyzie is comprised of the agent – a piece of code that needs to be planted in the target device, the server – where the text messages, Skype chats, call logs are forwarded to and stored, the Control Panel – a web portal where the data the agent manages to collect are neatly organized and displayed, for user to access at any time after purchase and credentials authentication.

Once successfully installed, Spyzie will begin to collect data logs and send the files to the Control Panel


Monitoring Skype chats

Spyzie is able do the following:

  1. Track all incoming and outgoing Skype calls.
  2. Read Skype chats in a threaded view.
  3. Access the information directly at your Control Panel.
  4. Works on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Features of Spyzie

Manage phone calls

Once successfully installed, Spyzie will be able to collect all incoming and outgoing phone calls – call logs, duration, data and time the call placed or received, numbers, names of the recipient or caller are displayed in the Control Panel.

Track text messages

All SMS sent and received with the target device are forwarded to the server and can be accessed in the Control Panel in a threaded view. Information regarding the message sender or receiver, the date and time are also collected by the spy app.

Monitoring instant message apps

Popular instant messages apps such as Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp can be monitored by the spy app. Chat history are displayed in the Control Panel in threaded view.

GPS location reporting

This feature allows user to know the target device’s current location in real time, locations and route history are represented in lines and dots on a detailed map. If the GPS function were turned off on the wired device, the spy will identify the Wi-Fi hotspot the device connected to and determine the whereabouts of the device.


Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use Spyzie?

No, you can spy on Skype chat without jailbreaking your iPhone. The trimmed, more easy to use Spyzie without jailbreak can be installed remotely using iCloud credentials. With Spyzie without jailbreak you will be able to track text messages, phone calls, notes and events and Skype chats of the target iPhone.

Is it difficult or technical to plant the agent?

To monitor Skype chat you can install the Spyzie without jailbreak remotely using iCloud credentials. The full version, however, needs about 5 to 15 minutes of physical access to the target device to complete the installation, after successfully installed, Spyzie will start to collect data logs and send them to the Control Panel.

The difference between Spyzie and Spyzie without jailbreak?

Spyzie without jailbreak, as its name suggests, doesn’t need to the target iPhone to be jailbroken to be functional, and can be installed without actually holding the device. The trade-off is somewhat limited functionality, Spyzie without jailbreak is able to track text messages, phone calls, events and calendars, notes and Skype chats, the full version expands on that, various features will be functional with Spyzie on a jailbroken iPhone or rooted android.

Should I monitor my kid’s iPhone usage?

Q: after much squabbling, whining, begging and reasoning my kid finally get his first iPhone as the birthday gift. He’s responsible and independent as a parent could ever hope but I am still having doubts if his ability to use the device wisely matches his tech savvy. I fully aware that I handed out a powerful communication and production tool and I intended to make it safe to use.