How to Spy Snapchat Messages

Snapchat is a genuinely funny, whimsical chat app with many innovative, cool features, yet people seems to mainly utilize it for that reason. If your kids has Snapchat installed, there might be something of concern. If you want to stay on top of things and be sure he’s not going into something too risky, despite the burn after reading nature of Snapchat, this is a viable solution.

Spyzie is a software/service combination, a piece of code that can be planted into the target phone or computer, once activated and running, the app silently and meticulously gathers information regarding almost every aspect of the phone’s usage, including chat apps like the Snapchat.

The spy app is capable of keeping tabs on all sent and received Snapchat messages inconspicuously.

To monitor Snapchat messages you have to meet three requirements:

  1. The targeted phone has to be a rooted android device and the Snapchat app is installed on it.
  2. You purchase the Spyzie subscription that includes Snapchat monitoring feature.
  3. You properly install the spy app on following our guidelines.

Download the Spy App

Besides being able to monitor Snapchat message, the Spyzie collects the following data and display the information in the control panel where the user can access via any web browser.

Features of Spyzie app

Monitoring phone calls

Phone calls placed and received with the target device can be scheduled for recording. Date and time of the phone call, the number/names of the recipient or caller, call duration and logs are also noted in the spy app’s control panel.

Track text messages

Text Messages, SMS sent and received with the target device will be forwarded to the control panel, the content of the messages can be viewed in the control panel, date and time the messages sent or received, the sender’s number and name are indexed in the control panel.

Report GPS location

To know the whereabouts of the target at any time, you can retrieve the GPS data in the control panel, a route history of the target device can be presented on a detailed map. If the GPS function were turned off on the device, the spy

Internet usage

The spy app is able to collect browser history, bookmarks, date and time the site is visited and display the information in the control panel.

The spy can also block unsavory websites from access on the wired device.

Monitor chat apps

Supported apps including Snapchat, Skype, viber, imessage, social network…

Video audio calls can be scheduled for recording, text messages are directly presented in the control panel.

Frequently asked questions

Should the kid’s phone be monitored?

Well it’s a question up for debate, if you’re one of the mom or dad who gifted your child an iPhone or android, you should know that you also handed out a powerful communication and production tool. Kids are enabled to take pictures and upload to the web and spread widely, to broadcast their status and location to whoever is listening, to download just about anything in the world… If you sense a legitimate threat, or want to stay on top things to steer away any potential danger, let the kid know that the phone’s supervised and use it wisely.

Will the spy app be visible in the running task list of the phone?

No, once installed, the app runs stealthily. If the user wants to remove the app and erase the traces, it can be done in the control panel.